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Android Smart Phone Bluetooth Audio out / CarPC audio out - pete_c - 18.10.2021

Current CarPC (with BMWRasp Control) is connected to Aux Audio in on my E46 plus Android Smart Phone pairs with ULF and ULF uses VR.

I wanted to hear Google Voice output from Smart Phone to BMW audio.

I purchased this device from Amazon at around $10 USD.

Bluetooth Receiver Adapter, BAVNCO Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Receiver Hands-Free Car Kits Mini Wireless 3.5mm Aux Output Audio Adapter Transmitter for Car Aux, Home Stereo, PC, TV, Speaker More

The USB on the device is used to power up the device and nothing else.  So you just plug this device in to your CarPC and pair it to your Android smart phone.  It comes up as a Bluetooth Multimedia device on your phone.  I plugged in an audio splitter cable plus the output cable for AUX audio to the computer.

Now the Google voice sound is paired with the Aux audio output of the car computer.  The smart phone shows the ULF pairing and the new device pairing.  When using Google maps on the Android phone I hear the Google voice mixed in with the music for navigation purposes. 

This is a bit different than the BMW Navigation which shuts off the Aux audio and talks by itself via the ULF.


BTW most current version of ULF works with contact list, VR and telephone audio and microphone.  It does not play general bluetooth multimedia audio.  Old Microsoft mobile phone used to work showing SMS messaging on HU.

If you do not have a ULF this device will work with your Android phone for phone calls and audio if you plug it in to your cigarette lighter plug and audio cable to your aux cable and it has a little microphone built in the device.  Way back tried first generation bluetooth device with audio out.  Really bad sounding audio so gave up on early versions of said device.

If you purchase two of these then you can Bluetooth pair a speaker (with amp) to an audio output device (MP3 player or radio et al).