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Repair of a BMW Mark IV Navigation DVD device
Purchased a used Mark IV Navigation DVD device which needed repair for $70 USD.  This is to upgrade my E46 Mark III.

Testing it on my E83 which has a Mark IV Navigation DVD device.

Description of device purchased.

...always comes up as cannot read cd/dvd, or error in reading cd/dvd, it may just need a cleaning, I installed the v32 software and it had no problem with the software cd...

Swapped my E83 Mark IV for this device.  Did an upgrade of firmware (V32) from a CD.  Worked.  Inserted my DVD NAV disk and device cannot read my DVD.  Inserted a DVD head cleaner.  Tried again with no luck.

Took MarkIV apart, removed DVD drive and cleaned the heads again.  Still did not work reading a DVD ROM.

Found a source in China for a replacement DVD ROM drive. 

Description: DVD M3.5 Drive Loader Mechanism Fit for DVD-M3.5 of the RNS510 HighQ  Price: $37.99

Guessing that the new drive will correct my issues.

Here are some pictures showing replacement of DVD Drive.

Hardware tools required:

1 - DIN removal tool to remove DVD drive. 
2 - small flat head screw driver
3 - small torx bit size = T8

Steps to remove cover
1 - insert the flat head screwdriver in the spaces between the cover and the base on the sides of the cover plate and twist a bit and pull up on the cover
2 - remove cover from back to front pulling the cover up


Steps to replace DVD drive
1 - remove 4 torx screws - these are very small.  Be careful not to drop the screws.
2 - Lift the DVD drive up and disconnect the ribbon cable and flat 8 wire cable from the main DVD drive board.
NOTE: pin 1 (one) is marked on the 8 wire cable.  For the ribbon clip pull it out a bit and the ribbon cable comes out.  Be gentle with it.
3 - put DVD drive back in case and install the 4 torx screws
4 - put the cover on the case.

Testing the DVD MK IV functions here using my E83 to test.

1 - key off, press DVD eject button to remove DVD on existing MKIV
2 - using two DIN tools insert the tool on both sides of the DVD
3 - slide out the DVD Navigation unit
4 - remove both plugs (one is blue and one is dark brown)
5 - install cables in to fixed Navigation MKIV drive
6 - slide it in but do not lock it in place yet
7 - install navigation DVD
8 - turn key to on position
9 - see DVD maps fine.  Also see DSP / TV on main menu here as MKIV came from an E46 with DSP and TV.
10 - downgraded to V.29 firmware then upgraded to V.32 firmware.
11 - will let it run for a bit on E83 before swapping the E46 MKIII for this MKIV.  (E46 is in storage - well in garage covered right now).
12 - Total cost of upgrade here was $70 USD + $40 USD = ~$110 USD.

- Automator 
E46/E83 - CIS-IBus (2) - N3050 CPU 8Gb Ram (2) - LibreELEC (official): 9.2.0 - Confluence-BMW - IBus Communicator
E46 updates ==> Updated radio - 2004 model, newer ULF, MKIV.

[Bild: zF6KjSo.jpg][Bild: ovOKLZI.jpg]

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