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Dumb it down for me please....
Hi guys,

I have recently purchased a Pibus 4hifi and a Rasberry Pi 3B and have a headache from reading the last 9yrs of posts in other forums and translating ones on here. 

I am wanting to get the setup working, but didn’t want to head down the wrong path, so thought I would check. It seems like HarryBerlin’s install adds a lot of the stuff that I am interested in, but conflicts with the original Pete Pibus software. Should I just head down the Harry install from the start, or get the Pete Pibus install up and running? Is there a simple script to automate harrys install or nice simple instructions to follow - I saw the .pdf instructions he had on github are now obsolete?

I will be wiring up a camera to the Pibus and liked the PDC visuals, car tools etc that have been added to the mix. It is all going into an E53 with nav, tv, cd factory fitted. 

Nothing has been touched out of the box from a software point of view as I wait for a keyboard and mouse.  Confused


....or point me in the right direction if this exists already and I missed it.
You cant do much wrong, just install harrys addon on a fresh OSMC Image. If you dont like it you can easy choose another platform or roll back? Addons can be installed as "zips" from inside Kodi(OSMC). Thats about it, the rest is trying, trying trying... this is already as easy as it is. If you already have expierence with Home Theatre PCs and XBMC/KODI this is so easy to setup that a manuel for this is not really making sense. Only a list with stuff you have to plug in your USB slots. Maybe some GPIO wiring, that can be explained regarding Rear camera but thats about it.
there are some dependencies for pibus on pi3
enable the hifi dac
disable bluetooth uart to enable the gpio uart
maybe install the extra shutdown script

after this, you can use my addon with enabled pibus setting
Image  <>  Kodi Addon

[Bild: usersignaturpic-14941mspx.jpg]
Thanks for your quick replies.

I will give it a go and get back to you if I get stuck....will start by getting OMSC up and running first and download the .zip from Harry's Github page and try from there. Are the above settings done via PuTTY or through the OSMC menus?

Thanks again.
there is a actual osmc basic image with current addon testversion:
settings for addon must set in addon settings.
Image  <>  Kodi Addon

[Bild: usersignaturpic-14941mspx.jpg]
Thanks Harry, I will download it and give it a go.......I am waiting on a few parts still, which are taking much longer due to Chinese New Year.
Almost there. Took a while to decompress the file, but got there after a few different types of software were tried. Flashed the SD card with the image and now trying to learn German to be able to update the language settings.

I’m still waiting on some hardware to get it installed in the car. Small steps.

you can switch kodi to english.
Image  <>  Kodi Addon

[Bild: usersignaturpic-14941mspx.jpg]
Yep, I got there after a couple of pints and lots of clicking through the menus. Now on to the setting changes you outlined.
Hello all,

i am sorry to jump into the conversation of someone else, but i am pretty much in the same situation as michaelf, a newbie.
I have a pibus since a year now, make the installation the pibus software from PeterAU and everything was working good.
Then i saw your addon harryberlin, and i wanted to give a go with the download link you provide in this topic.
I went through the installation without any issue, activate the pibus mod and saw the green light from the pibus flashing telling to myself "that should work in the car now to do the rest of the settings". Except that i am not able to see the screen in the car, the nav screen keeps me saying that NOCD instead of the Kodi screen.
What didn't i understand in this ? I am forced to use the navcoder USB dongle with your mod ?
Thanks for the clarification, sorry from the noob.

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