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Few questons
Hi guys,

Well, i found this site by accident since i was developing ideas of having something else in my car ower a CarPC with Windows, and i was playing with the idea of making a GPS car tracker with Pi.

Im a BMW mechanic, i live in Slovenia. My daily driver is a E39 M5 an a 530d Touring. I really tried with deutsch, but dont really speak well and here are some specific terms that i cant really understand... In the future if i want to contribute here with my knowledge i will have to do that in English, i will probably also learn Deutch if i spend enough time here Smile

So, here goes;

1. I have my Pi3, i installed BMW Raspcontrol image to it but when i hook it up to my TV there is no signal from the TRRS cable, i can see WLAN access point on my laptop but no picture on the TV to set it up; is there any tricks or does the GPIO pin for TV modul ground have to be connected to ground?

2. There are a few addons here (i have Rolf Reslers iBus USB in the car since i used it also with a CarPC) do they come preinstalled with RaspControl image 1.9?

I left CarPC idea because the navi unit is resolution poor and windows supports 640x480 minimum so the quality over s-video is not really fantatic, i guess Pi will be a little better with a smaller resolution...

3. I also have a GPS USB module, will i be able to use it with Pi? I would also like to implement a GSM module with the Pi so i can control my car over my phone etc... Has anyone used this?

Thank you for everything you have done to develop this, i hope i can contribute some more... If you need any help with your cars in mechanical sense, i'm here to help!

BR, Saso
welcome saso.
1. check the other outputs of the cable. sometimes the outputs are switched and you find video on one of the audio outs. GPIO does not need to be connected
2. do you mean whether you need to install drivers for the resler stick? no..
3. as far as i know, there is no support for these devices yet, at least not plug and play. there was a thread somewhere about GPS and navigation with 3rd party software and how to manage it with kodi, but i think there was no ready solution. regarding your specific hardware you can look it up yourself whether linux supports it in general.
1. the composite cable should work on home tv. but most 4pin 3,5mm cables are not pi compatible. check this thread for connection:

2. this project is working with resler ibus interface, or his clone from ac-services.

3. a gps modul should be possible to use. but osmc ist not able to handle a navigation software. which kind of screen do you use in your car?
Image  <>  Kodi Addon

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Hey guys,

Thanks for your help!

I figured out yesterday about the TRRS, i bought a 4 pole jack and soldered it myself. Works perfectly. Today i will be making the sound chinch's on the radio. If i understood correctly i have to solder directly to the cable's on the BM24 in the trunk?

1. When i starte the Pi up, and played with configuration my dashboard switched to MPG and Miles? How do i set the "On-Board" in Pi to show l/100km and speed? I only get Verbrauch 1 and 2 info, not kuehlmittel temperatur and can i also add my own info? That is probably script command like in INPA or Tool32? Can i tranlate the on-board info?

2. Power suply, i made a 12V -> 5V 2A power supply. I now need to figure out how to shut down Pi, i noticed there is a 15min timer in the Pi, that will shut it down after 15min, can i set it up that active iBUS wakes it up again? I gues Helge Interface takes care of the iBUS, what is the difference between the Helge an iBusCommuniactor?

Harry, i use OEM Nav unit Smile
IBusCommunicator is a Kodi Addon, written by me.
it is nearly a standalone solution for IBus.

HelgeInterface needs some more to setup.

check sub forums for more information.
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Thanks Harry,

I checked out the iBusCommunicator page, is there an additional 2 relays needed or is that optional? It seems like Helge is everything that iBus allready has? I'm eager to try it... Also the gauges display look quite nice... Is there anything else neeed then Pi + Reslers iBus? Sorry my Deutsch again Sad

How can i set up Wifi connection in my car? I mean like with a wifi dongle that could connect to my home wifi while my car is parked? I could upload music and movies from the comfort of my home of course Smile
you don't need a relay. the relay are optional for rearcam or autom. gearshift control.

for switching the tv-modul to input source, what we use, you need to connect the gpio 7 (or with ibuscommunicator the resler ntsc cable)

in sub forum download exist a raspcontrol image v1.9 with helgeinterface.
in sub forum ibuscommunicator i have placed two images. ver.4 if you don't have connected a bluetooth usb dongle. ver. 5 with bt dongle.
in both cases the basic images are from

for wifi connection you have to use the osmc tool.
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to solve an issue i think you might still have in mind:
boot and shutdown of the pi happen due to the fact that there is a special battery cable beside the drivers back door which is called "16minutes"-cable. it cuts the power 16min after locking your car. some users wanted not to have such an hard kill, thats why there is the option to shutdown the pi in a range up to 15min. after shutdown.

with bt and wifi onboard, the Pi3 can switch both on and off inside the menu (main addon for osmc, standard installed)

maybe you have to sent some command lines using putty (client for ssh) or the terminal in linux activating onboard bluetooth. just google it, you'll find plenty of answers!
@harry that is GPIO pin 7? Or Resler's NTSC cable right?

@schmuki thanks, i figure it has something to do with sleep modeSmile currently it's directly connected to my battery, i'm planing to make it on the radio power cable which will shut down after 16minutes when car enters sleep mode.

I have everything working currently, i'm just waiting for the second SD card so i can try the iBusCommunicator to see which one suits me better. Helge is ok, but i miss gauges and my onBoard info is not really populate with data, after i get everything working i can make my own addons...

I'm also planing to modify the skin a little bit... Is the iBusCommunicator compatible with the onboard Bluetooth or is the dongle a must? Videos work perfect, i also added a ground loop adapter to minimize the buzz in my speakers before going with an outer USB sound card for a better sound quality...
Hey guys... My car was sitting throught the winter and i didnt have much time to play around... Ok, so i had the helgeinterface going ok, but i decided to try Harry's iBus communicator.

Currently i have the BT image installed, but it doesnt run. Does it run with integrated Bluetooth? I really miss airplay Sad i cant get it to work with regular image and Helge with my iPhone 7. I connect the Wifi and share the music through airplay but it cant play. Probably the Bluetooth is better option.

I cant seem to run harry's image since i insert the card to the Raspberry but it's not working. It only shows CD7-94. Probably because i run the GPIO cable instead of reslers NTSC?

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